FunnelQL: Funnel Query Language

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Online customers can abandon their shopping cart for many reasons. As a store owner with access to Google Analytics there is information available about some of the reasons.

FunnelQL provides a solution to help customers complete their order. Pro-active communication, smart tricks with the design etc. Everything is possible with FunnelQL.

There is much to do about 'cart abandonment'. Experts estimate that 2 to 4 trillion USD per year is lost by abandoned shopping carts.

FunnelQL can be an ideal solution and can help webshops recover more than a trillion USD in lost revenue.

Demo (prototype)

Testing a query

To test a query, enter $FQL.query(" YOUR QUERY ") in the browser console.

To test the callback method, use the following example:

// setup a query callback
  .then(function(match) {
  	console.warn('\n\t✔ MATCH!\n '); 

// wait a few seconds
// ...

// write a tag to the funnel

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